Perfect Pair Bang Wiki

Welcome to the Perfect Pair Bang Wiki![]

The Perfect Pair Bang is a Supernatural Fandom Challenge that was created to encourage artists and authors to team up based on chemistry!!

Over a period of 6 months Authors and Artists will team up to create a fanfiction of a minimum of 10k and at least 2 accompanying pieces of art. In this challenge teams will be paired up from the beginning and will brainstorm ideas together to create a fandom project that is a collaboration from start to finish. This year the challenge will be hosting only fandom works that feature Dean/Cas as a main dynamic, but we are open to new ships for next year, please make sure to add your suggestions by filling out this form.

Sign-ups open July 22th, 2019!

Please keep an eye out on our Tumblr during March 1st, 2020, for posting dates of all the fics and art done during the challenge.

- The PPB Team